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Conditions Of Issue (COI) of Rapid Pass

1. Conditions of Issue

These Conditions of Issue are effective from 1 May 2017 for all Users who receive Rapid Pass Card from Authorized Agent on or after the above effective date.

2. Introduction
2.1 These Conditions of Issue are a contract between Users, DTCA`s customer and DTCA, Card Issuer, the issuer of the Rapid Pass card which DTCA will refer to as Rapid Pass below, in respect of the use of Users Rapid Pass. By using Rapid Pass, Users agree to be bound by these Conditions of Issue.

2.2 These Conditions of Issue explain DTCA`s obligations to User and Users` to DTCA. While the Users apply to all DTCA`s main services, DTCA shall be complemented or changed by particular terms and conditions for certain services which Users are permitted to use.

2.3 There are a few terms DTCA use in these Conditions of Issue which DTCA shall explain:
(a) “Users” who receive Rapid Pass from authorized agent under authentic process.
(b) “DTCA” means Dhaka Transport Cooperation Authority.
(c) "Authorized Agent" is a firm that DTCA hasve authorized to offer the following services on behalf of DTCA;
I. Make available a Rapid Pass to Users;
II. Recharging value to Users Rapid Pass in return for cash or other consideration;

(d) "Personalized Rapid Pass" means a Rapid Pass the user of which has Usersauthentic personal data stored in electronic format of that Rapid Pass which shall or shall not be printed on the card surface.

(e) "Service Provider" means public transport operators who apply Rapid Pass. Service Providers are listed in Annexure 1.

(f) "Deposit" means amount collected when DTCA leases the Rapid Pass on the condition of returning with deduction of negative value in case of termination of lease process.

(g) "Recharge" means to add the amount inside Rapid Pass by paying cash or other consideration.

(h) "Issue" is to issue the Rapid pass by the Authorized Agent upon receipt of deposit, personal information and initial recharge amount.

(i) "Negative Value" is the amount that Rapid Pass Users are permitted to borrow up to 50% of Deposit. This percentage shall be changed from time to time. Negative Value shall be returned by the next recharge or refunding deposit by returning Rapid Pass.

(j) “TOM” means Ticket Office Machine which serves issue, recharge, re-issue and so on.
3. General
3.1 DTCA operates the Rapid Pass system and shall ensure that the system is operated with reasonable care, skill and diligence. If Users discover any discrepancy in their Rapid Pass, Users shall contact DTCA as soon as possible.

3.2 The Rapid Pass system provides User, if Users are a user of a valid Rapid Pass, with the ability to pay for certain goods and services using the value stored on Users` Rapid Pass.

3.3 Some of the Service Providers shall provide Users with a service, such as entry to premises, and shall not make use of the payment functions of Users` Rapid Pass.

3.4 Users shall contact the Service Providers or DTCA, if the Service Providers do not accept Users Rapid Pass as payment for service provider`s goods/services.

3.5 The Service Providers are responsible for all aspects of the goods and/or services shall provide to Users. In using the services and/or facilities User should abide by Service Provider`s rules, regulations and by-laws. DTCA has no liability for the Service Providers' goods and/or services and User should direct any inquiries relating to these matters to the relevant Service Provider.

3.6 Under normal circumstances, DTCA shall makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the Rapid Pass system is operating, but DTCA has no obligation cannot guarantee that a Service Provider shall be able to accept a Rapid Pass as this depends on the Service Provider's own systems and operations as well as network, electrical, climatic and other conditions or circumstances which are beyond DTCA`s control.

3.7 DTCA reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee for any of the Rapid Pass service and other services DTCA provides to Users.

4. Obtaining and Using
4.1 To use DTCA`s service, Users are required to lawfully obtain a valid Rapid Pass from:
One of DTCA`s Authorized Agents, who require user to pay a deposit for the Rapid Pass, which DTCA is are leasing to User (see Condition 5.2);

4.2 A valid Rapid Pass means a genuine Rapid Pass:
(a) Which is of a specific fare category for which Users are eligible in accordance with the conditions of issue, rules, regulations and/or by-laws of a particular Service Provider (e.g. child, elder or student status);
(b) Which has not been damaged or tampered with; and
(c) Which User has lawfully obtained.

5. Paying a Deposit for issue
5.1 If DTCA leases a Rapid Pass to User, it will remains DTCA`s property and the Authorized Agent shall collect a deposit ("Deposit") from Users on DTCA`s behalf, which DTCA shall hold as security for Users Rapid Pass.

5.2 The amount of the Deposit shall be of such reasonable amount as determined and announced by DTCA from time to time to cover, whole or a portion of, the cost of the card, the costs DTCA incur in issuing the card, the costs of maintaining the Rapid Pass system for Users use. Refer to Annexure 2 for Deposit amount.

6. Recharging Value
6.1 In order to enable to make payments using the Rapid Pass system, User shall be required to recharge value (money) to their Rapid Pass by presenting cash to an Authorized Agent or if applicable DTCA may charge user a reasonable fee for the provision of the recharge services. Authorized Agents only offer to recharge value to Users Rapid Pass above a minimum amount and in multiples of an amount which shall be determined and announced by DTCA from time to time.

6.2 A genuine Authorized Agent shall not offer user a discount to recharge value to Users Rapid Pass, unless as part of an official promotion authorized by DTCA. User shall not attempt to recharge value, if Users have any suspicion that the Authorized Agent is not be genuine. DTCA shall not honor value that is added to Users Rapid Pass by an unauthorized Agent or through unlawful means.

7. Maximum Amount of Stored Value
Users can store up to a maximum amount in Rapid Pass which DTCA shall notify from time to time.

8. Users Obligations
8.1 User shall take good care of their Rapid Pass to prevent it from damage or from being tampered with. If DTCA has lent the Rapid Pass to user, DTCA is entitled to charge user a reasonable fee to cover the cost of the damage upon return of the Rapid Pass to DTCA, if it is damaged or altered through delaminating, bending, cutting, breaking, graffiti or attachment of materials and/or objects on the Rapid Pass by any means.

8.2 Users shall not use, or permit anyone to use, Users Rapid Pass for any illegal purposes.

8.3 Users shall only present own Rapid Pass at readers which Service Provider hold.

8.4 Users shall not tamper with the Rapid Pass (including, but not limited to, the software and the data recorded on the Rapid Pass) in any way. Tampering with the data on user`s Rapid Pass ismay be a criminal offence. DTCA shall not honor transactions, or refund any remaining value or the Deposit, if applicable, if Users` Rapid Pass has been tampered with.

8.5 DTCA have the right to recover reasonable costs, expenses, losses and damages suffered or incurred, as a result of Users altering or interfering, or allowing a third party to alter or interfere, with the data on Users Rapid Pass.

8.6 DTCA has the rights to request user to co-operate with DTCA and, if appropriate, the police, in recovering Users Rapid Pass, whenever following situation happens.
(i) If it is lost or stolen or
(ii) if DTCA have reasonable grounds to suspect suspicious behavior or
(iii) or as required by prevailing law.

8.7 DTCA`s staff and authorized representatives of DTCA approved Service Providers shall have the right to inspect Users Rapid Pass, including the data in that Rapid Pass, at any reasonable time.

9. Personalized Service
9.1 DTCA shall issue Users a Personalized Rapid Pass with user identity associated. DTCA shall charge Users a reasonable fee for, if requested, handling the return of Users Personalized Rapid Pass.

9.2 When User has Users` personalized Rapid Pass, User should notify DTCA promptly in writing of any amendment to Users name, cellphone number.

9.3 When User has Users` personalized Rapid Pass, User shall not permit Users Rapid Pass to be used by another person. If Users` Personalized Rapid Pass is found in the possession of a person other than user, DTCA and/or the Service Providers on DTCA`s behalf, shall have the right, but are not obliged, to repossess User personalized Rapid Pass from such a person.

9.4 If Users have a personalized Rapid Pass issued by DTCA and wish to return such Rapid Pass to an Authorized Agent, User shall present Users Rapid Pass in person, or if the card user of that personalized Rapid Pass has died, a personal representative of the deceased card user shall present the personalized Rapid Pass together with proof of death of the deceased card user, and proof of identity and capacity of the personal representative, in order to claim a refund of the Deposit, if applicable, and/or any remaining value as described in Condition 12.

10. Proper Use
10.1 Users shall not carry more than one Rapid Pass or a Rapid Pass with another contact less smart card together in close proximity, as the risk of interferes with one another. If Users do so, it shall be at user own risk. DTCA shall not be liable for any damage to the Rapid Pass or the electronic devices the functions of which have been affected in connection with the use of Users` Rapid Pass. DTCA reserves their rights not to entertain any request for a refund of an amount that has been deducted incorrectly as a result of user carrying more than one Rapid Pass or a Rapid Pass with another contactl ess smart card together in close proximity.

10.2 DTCA shall not be liable for any personal injury and/or property loss or damage caused as a result of Users inappropriate or unauthorized use of Users` Rapid Pass.

11. Malfunction
If Rapid Pass card or system malfunctions due to no fault of Users and user have not damaged or tampered with it in any way, Users shall:
(a) Return Users` Rapid Pass to DTCA`s Authorized Agent. DTCA shall arrange refund of the remaining value, if any, stored on such Rapid Pass.

12. Return or Cancellation

12.1 User shall return Users Rapid Pass:
(a) If it malfunctions, as described in Condition 11; or
(b) If DTCA has leased user a Rapid Pass, at Users option, to an Authorized Agent.
When user return a Rapid Pass and apply for a refund, the Deposit, if applicable, and the remaining value, if any, stored on the Rapid Pass shall be refunded to user in full except in the following situations when DTCA may deduct a reasonable amount to cover:
(i) Users shall be required to provide information of user name and cellphone number to staff of Authorized Agent to prove that Users are the real Rapid Pass user of which user intent to return.
(ii) A handling fee to cover the costs incurred by DTCA, including those charged by the Authorized Agent for providing this return and refund service.
(iii) The cost of repairing any damage to Users Rapid Pass, if applicable.
(iv) Any other amounts including fees outstanding for Rapid Pass services.
(v) If user has Negative Value amount, it shall be deducted from returning deposit.
(vi) Returning of Rapid Pass shall be executed at specified premises. Refer to Annexure 3 for available premises.

12.2 DTCA reserves the right to recover, cancel or suspend Users` Rapid Pass or any of DTCA`s services at any time without specifying the reasons, but DTCA shall take reasonable steps to minimize any inconvenience caused to user. User shall require presenting Users` Rapid Pass for replacement in the manner as shall be notified by DTCA. DTCA shall refund to user the Deposit, if applicable, and remaining value, if any.

12.3 In determining the Deposit and/or the remaining value to be refunded to user, the records held by DTCA shall be treated as conclusive evidence of the amount of the Deposit and/or the remaining value except for any manifest error on DTCA part.

12.4 Rapid Pass is provided for use in payment and related services, it is not provided as a medium for the exchange or transfer of money. DTCA reserve the right to request information (including personal data), investigate (for which DTCA shall charge a reasonable fee) and decline at DTCA sole discretion multiple, high value or repeated purchase/refund requests from an individual or organization.

13. Inactive cards or products

Users` Rapid Pass ishas been issued to user for Users` regular use. If user have not recharged value to Users Rapid Pass for a period announced by DTCA from time to time, DTCA shall, for user own and DTCA protection, deem Users Rapid Pass to be no longer in use, and DTCA may deactivate Users Rapid Pass. If user has necessity to re-activate Users Rapid Pass subsequently, DTCA shall charge user a reasonable fee for the re-activation. Refer to Annexure 2 for a non- recharge period.

14. Balance Check

Usually, IC card does not display the amount inside it (“Balance”) on the surface. Therefore, Authorized Agent shall serve the user balance information through Ticket Office Machine without any cost. Users shall provide the Rapid Pass to Staff of the Authorized Agent for check the Balance.

15. Lost Card Service

When the Rapid Pass is lost, Users shall visit the nearest Authorized Agent office, and inform the staff about lost Rapid Pass. Users are required to give personal information such as name and cellphone number to the staff, which information is in the Rapid Pass system. DTCA has no liability for compensation of amount in Rapid Pass until process completion for deactivation.

15.1 Re-issue Procedure
In order to re-issue a new Rapid Pass, there are the following two steps.
1. Re-issue Registration.
2. Re-issue of a new Rapid Pass

15.1.1 Re-issue Registration
The staff of Authorized Agent first collects personal information from the card user.
˗ The staff shall input user name & cellphone number.
˗ The staff shall search for the user. If there are any user(s) found according to the information, operator shall select the correct user and register re-issue.
˗ After re-issue registration, the lost card shall be blacklisted automatically.

15.1.2 Re-issue of a new Rapid Pass
This re-issue registration process shall require completion period (minimum one day). So the new Rapid Pass shall be provided after completion of process with previous stored value. To collect the new card, Users has to bring the re-issue registration receipt and give the reference number to the staff of the Authorized Agent. The staff of the Authorized Agent shall input the reference number to complete re-issue process and to re-issue a new card.

15.2 Refund lost card found
If lost card is found, Users should bring the card to the Authorized Agent. The staff of the Authorized Agent shall refund the lost card, if the Users did not apply for Re-issue.

16. Protection of Personal Data
To be added after relevant laws and regulations are enacted.

17. New Services

DTCA shall provide user with new services associated with Users` Rapid Pass from time to time, and these new services shall be governed by the terms and conditions herein or as amended from time to time for the respective services.

18. Fees and Charges

DTCA`s fees and charges defined by Authorized Agent are to be borne by the Rapid Pass user. Users should ask Authorized Agents for the detail.

19. Changes in these Conditions of Issue

19.1 DTCA has the right to amend these Conditions of Issue by displaying a notice of the change(s) in Authorized Agent.

19.2 The change(s) shall take effect on a date specified in the notice, which shall be no less than 30 days after the date of displaying such notice in Authorized Agent.

19.3 The change(s) shall apply to Users, unless user or DTCA have cancelled Users Rapid Pass before the changes take effect.

19.4 A copy of the latest version of these Conditions of Issue shall be available on DTCA website or from DTCA Authorized Agents upon request.

20. Governing Law
These Conditions of Issue shall be governed by the laws of Bangladesh.

Annexure 1: Service Provider

          Current Service Providers are shown in table below

Service Provider

Applicable Service



Abdullahpur – Motijheel route



XXX – Motijheel route




Annexure 2: Amount, Duration

Current Amount, Duration are shown in table below





200 BDT


Maximum Amount of Stored Value

2,000 BDT


Non recharge period

3 years

If user shall not recharge value to Users Rapid Pass for this period, DTCA may deactivate Users Rapid Pass.  



Annexure 3: Returning Rapid Pass Premise

Available Premise Name Address and Phone Number

1. DBBL Motijheel Foreign Exchange Branch Zerin Mansion, 55, Motijheel C/A,Dhaka-1000.

Tel: 9550769, 9570829

2. DBBL Banani Branch Plot # 75, Block-B, Kemal Ataturk Avenue Banani,Dhaka-1213.

Tel:9883892, 55034190

3. DBBL Elephant Road Branch 118/3, Dr. Kudrat-E-Khuda Road (Elephant Road, Bata Signal), Dhaka-1205.

Tel:9631875, 9675498

4. DBBL Uttara Branch Plot # 7, Road # 7, Sector #4, Uttara R/A, Uttara, Dhaka.

Tel:58954739, 58954206

5. DBBL Uttara Sonargaon Jonopad Branch House#02, Sonargaon Janopad, Sector#11, Uttara R/A ,Dhaka-1230.

Tel:8991718, 8991597

6. DBBL Local Office 1, Dilkusha C/A, Motijheel, Dhaka-1000.

Tel:9568539, 9559291

Time and Date


DATE :2022-10-06