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Very soon Rapid Pass Trial Operation will launch on a selected Public Transport Operator (PTO)

Negative balance in rapid pass card:

When user already used more than the stored value in the rapid card. The stored value should be in negative number. This is called negative balance in rapid pass card.

This process is for users who have negative balance in the rapid pass card.

Negative Value based on specification

->If User have 40 TK negative balance in Rapid Pass Card. Then user must recharge at least 200TK(Only for negative balance).

-> And during recharge time 40TK will be deducted from 200TK. So (200-40)=160TK will be available in balance.

If user has no negative balance then user can recharge any amount from the following figure: 100,200,300,400,500&1000

Time and Date


DATE :2022-10-06