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Very soon Rapid Pass Trial Operation will launch on a selected Public Transport Operator (PTO)

1. A passenger can be issued or can recharge the Rapid Pass card from the selected DBBL branch or Ticket Shop.
  • Total 400 BDT will need for the issue. 200 BDT is your first recharge amount and 200 BDT is the deposit amount.
  • You can recharge your Rapid Pass from the selected DBBL branch or Ticket Shop when the amount will not be enough.
  • If you will not use Rapid Pass you can return your card and deposit will be refunded.
2. Registration
  • Your minimum information is required to protect your Rapid Pass (Name and mobile no.)
  • Without registration, you cannot claim anything if you lost your card or damaged. 
  • Registration process will take minimum 2 working days. In that case, you cannot claim anything before completion your registration process. 
3. Negative Value
  • You can enjoy negative value function against your deposit amount when your balance amount is not enough, once it can be negative. 
  • Amount shall be recovered when you will recharge your Rapid Pass

4.Damage Card
  • Bring the damaged card to the selected DBBL branch or Ticket Shop. The operator will provide the customer a new IC card with previously stored value.
5. Lost card
  • The customer should give the operator the lost registered card information. Then the operator will pass the receipt to the customer so that he/she can receive a new card with previous stored value in next working day.
7. Return Policy 
  • Bring the card to the selected DBBL branch or Ticket Shop and provide your registration identification to the operator. Then the operator will check the stored value in the card. Deposit money and stored money will be returned to the customer.

Time and Date


DATE :2022-10-06